The Webcast of the Century: The “Ick” in Your Skin Care Products

Tonight at 9:00 ET/6:00 PT, our own Shahin Kalantari will be featured in an interview with Dr. Parsons of the Natural Path Health Center in Fresno, California. The “Ick” in Your Skin Care Products: Toxins in Personal Care Products & How to Avoid Them promises to be a lively discussion

A warm message for Mother’s Day

On Earth Day, we celebrated the wonderful world into which we were all born. On Mother’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the woman who brought you into this wonderful planet! And what better way to do that than to present her with some delightful natural and organic beauty products from

A very special Earth Day message!

Earth day is that time of year when we all pause to consider our place in this luscious green world we call home. From rolling hills to mountain peaks, and sandy beaches to blue skies, there are so many wonders bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. Even if you can’t

Rules, Racing, and Burger Meat: A Case for Organic Certification in the Personal Care Industry

Imagine a world with no rules. You could drive 100 miles an hour and race through every red light. You could dump all your garbage in your annoying neighbour’s backyard pool and let him deal with the smell. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Now imagine water sanitation technicians not paying attention

Skin : The Backdoor Into Your Body

Your skin is a pathway into your body, just like your digestive system. You closely monitor your diet to ensure you’re eating the right foods and avoiding that greasy burger-and-fries joint around the corner. Now you need to closely monitor the products you put on your skin, too. Like in

What Do You Want Your Body to Look Like?

I’m going to put this as simply and directly as I can – your body soaks up everything you put in it, from food and drinks, to moisturizers and under-eye cream. So it’s up to you to decide. Do you want your body to look like a mine shaft or

Did the Trojans Use Bodywash?

The personal care industry is beginning to remind me of the Fall of Troy. I used to soap up in the tub, gleefully unaware of all the marauding little Greeks lurking in my bodywash, eager to get in behind the walls of my skin and lay waste to my internal

For our environment

We strive to promote harmony between human beings and our environment. Our products are organic certified, which means that they have been cultivated and stored without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other toxins. Also, our production process must follow strict regulations right down to what kind of

About d’Avicenna Inc.

Established in Ontario, Canada in 2007 Several years of manufacturing natural skincare products in our laboratory that offer superior quality and enhanced effectiveness Founded by Shahin Kalantari, a member of the American Cosmetic Society Chemists with more than 20 years experience in skincare product development Eaurganic was established as the